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MyCourts makes managing your Club a breeze with once only or weekly bookings entered with a minimum
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16 July 2008

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Are you the owner of any Sporting Club and need to manage the courts record for new reservations or usage? Do you find it becoming hectic at times when you are have to manage number of reservations in a day for various timings? It might have happened that in the resulting chaos the timing of two members got clashed. You may feel frustrated, but there is a way to get rid of all this and manage the task in an organized way. You only need to get the MyCourts 3.01 and it would help you to make your life relaxed and your work well managed and organized. It has various functions that let you manage the member’s usage details and court reservations accordingly.

MyCourts 3.01 software can help you to overcome the double booking problems and make your customers and members stay satisfied with no chaos at all. The program shows the courts with the timing, day and date feature. It lets you to know the time when the court is free to make the new reservation and keep the courts free at the specified timings. It is easy to get the schedule records of all the courts altogether and also you can view all bookings at the same time. You can set the club information and also have the backup for all the records so that you do not loose the information. Maintain the purchase records with all the details regarding item, etc. Easy import of the membership database from the .csv file and you can manage the work accordingly and managing the entire records together. This saves you from the chaos of recording the things in different applications. It is easy to backup or purge the database, choose the logging feature and even check the court schedules. Having an overview of the revenue and facility usage is easy with the charts that are made by data compilation by the program. It provides you with different features to manage the Clubs court’s usage.

With MyCourts 3.01 receives a respectable score of 4 rating points on account of its well thought out features that allow you to seamlessly manage your sports facility. It definitely ranks very highly among its class of software and surely deserves a try.

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MyCourts for Sporting Clubs Management. MyCourts makes managing your Clubs courts usage a breeze with once only or weekly bookings entered with a minimum of keystrokes. Be it Tennis, Squash, Swimming, Basketball, Ping Pong, all Racquet Sports, MyCourts will help you manage it. Eliminate double bookings. Give your club members instant web access to available court time and on-line bookings.
Import your own clubs membership data for even faster recording of court bookings. Now you can keep track of membership court usage, billing etc. Send statements whenever you like.
Use the Web Interface to post daily facility schedules to your web site and optionally allow your members to make bookings over the internet. Enable automatic updates - set and forget.
Reporting and printing capabilities, self-contained Full POS system, customizable look and feel, Spanish interface etc., Debtor and Creditor Management, Stock/Suppliers management, Courses and Student tracking.
MyCourts has a user selectable English or Spanish interface.
Fast, intuitive and easy to use software from Aquarius Communications at a price any one can afford.
Version 5.9
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